This institution is mainly working in the field of HIV/AIDS and subsequently in Tuberculosis, Chronic Kidney Diseases, Capacity Building and Blood Donation. Through these efforts, it aims to spread awareness, provide medical treatment and implement rehabilitation programs in and around Tumkur district by rising above caste, creed, color and religion.

our activity
Rehabilitation - Empowering Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Affected by HIV
Healthcare - A Compassionate Journey
Awareness and Capacity Building in the Community
Dayakirana Specialized Adoption Centre - Pioneering Adoption Services
Community Outreach - Empowering the Community through Diverse Initiatives


St. Gregorios Dayabhavan is an initiative of the Malankara Orthodox Mission Board and was established in 2003 by Late Lamented HG Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios Metropolitan. The institution aims to battle against pandemics such as the HIV/AIDS and TB by promoting equitable access to quality prevention, comprehensive treatment, care, support and rehabilitation services to all those living with or at risk of infection. Dayabhavan supports the poor and disadvantaged children with formative and professional education in an effort to ameliorate their social standing and enabling them for quality lives.