Dayakirana Specialised Adoption Centre - Pioneering Adoption Services

Dayakirana Specialised Adoption Centre - Pioneering Adoption Services

St. Gregorios Dayabhavan, a trailblazer in child care, responded to a proposal from the district child protection officer (DCPO) to establish an Adoption Centre. With approval from the general body, the government endorsed the formal application.

Authorized by the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Karnataka, and the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), the organization is the first adoption center in Tumkur District. It facilitates both in-Country and inter-Country adoptions, specializing in the care and protection of newborns, orphans, and abandoned children. This pioneering initiative operates under the Integrated Child Protection Society and marks a milestone for the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

A ‘Mamatheya Thottil’ is also installed near Adoption Centre, Kunigal and at ‘Dayasparsha Hospital, Tumkur.

Celebrating Adoption's Milestones

In collaboration with the District Child Protection Office Unit, Tumkur, the Dayakirana Adoption Center marked its first year with a celebration involving prospective and adoptive parents on March 13, 2020. Notably, 21 infants found caring homes through diligent placement during the year, setting a state record. This gathering fostered understanding of infant care, adoption processes, and promoted the organization's services among the public.

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