Community Outreach - Empowering the community through Diverse Initiatives

Geriatric & Palliative Care

Providing Comfort and Support The Geriatric/Palliative Care Center's mission is to offer in-house care for the sick elderly who cannot care for themselves. By comprehensively addressing physical and psycho-social symptoms, this initiative aims to ease the burden on families and enhance the quality of life for seniors. Additionally, our Palliative Care Center focuses on ensuring peace and comfort for individuals with terminal illnesses.

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Accessible Drinking Water

Dayavarsha RO Drinking Water Plant Responding to the Hebbur Grama Panchayath's request, we established the Dayavarsha RO Drinking Water Plant in 2016. This facility includes a Reverse Osmosis Plant that dispenses 10 liters of clean drinking water at a nominal charge of 1 Rupee. With the capacity to deliver around 3000 liters of water daily, this initiative has positively impacted the lives of the people living around the area.

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Nagesh Memorial Counseling Center

Honoring a Vision In memory of Nagesh, a determined individual who aspired to be a counselor, the institution established the Nagesh Memorial Counseling Center. Committed to his unfulfilled dream, this center offers an array of psycho-social support services to those in need. From suicide prevention classes, family counseling, and addressing illiteracy issues to tackling exam fears, depression, de-addiction, grief, and more, this center stands as a testament to Nagesh's passion and provides holistic support to the community.

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