Dayasparsha Hospital - Bridging the Gap in HIV Patient Care

Dayasparsha Hospital

Once plagued by the absence of medical aid in proximity, the Dayabhavan community faced untimely losses among the parents of resident children. This somber reality catalyzed the birth of a visionary project – one exclusively dedicated to serving HIV patients.

In the heart of Bhaktharahalli, Kunigal, a palliative care unit arose in June 2006. Initially, it embraced ten patients at a time, yet its impact extended far beyond. Within the year, over a thousand patients had been tended to, transcending seven adjoining districts. Gradually, this unit transformed into a comprehensive treatment, care, and support center. In a significant leap forward, Tumkur Urban Development Authority (TUDA) granted a Civic Amenities (CA) site in Geddalahalli, Tumkur. By February 2014, the center relocated and blossomed into Dayasparsha Hospital, situated at the district's heart for heightened accessibility.

community services

A Spectrum of Care - Services Provided

  • Comprehensive care and psycho-social services In-patient and Out-patient medical services.
  • Managing Opportunistic Infections (OIs) and ART side effects Palliative care and Pain Relief.
  • DOTs provision for Tuberculosis treatment DMC & Medical Treatment Unit under RNTCP.
  • Diagnostic Services/ICTC for HIV/AIDS screening Initiating and guiding Tuberculosis (TB) treatment Psycho-social Services: Counseling, Nutritional Care, Referrals, Spiritual Support, Life Skills Education Continuum Care: Rehabilitation, Self-Help Group Meetings, Outreach Programs.

Diagnostic services/ICTC

  • Screening of high-risk HIV/AIDS population by Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC) free of cost.
  • Tracing Tuberculosis (TB) cases (at infancy) and providing DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short course) to infected patients in an authorized centre under Revised National Tuberculosis Control (RNTC) Program.

Psycho-social Services

  • Counseling
  • Nutritional care
  • Referrals and Linkages
  • Spiritual Support
  • Life skill Education

Continuum Care

  • Rehabilitation
  • Self-Help Group meetings
  • Out-reach program

Contact Details

  • Dayasparsha Hospital,
  • Uparahalli Main Road, Geddalahalli,
  • Tumkur, Karnataka,
  • Ph. No.: +91- 96685 60887