Nurturing Hope at the Home of Compassion


Within the embrace of the Home of Compassion, children orphaned or affected by HIV find solace and care. Here, we welcome both health and disease, recognizing each child's potential for growth. Through education, we're shaping futures, with some embarking on paths of engineering, nursing, pharmacy, and more, while others tread the path of primary to higher education.

Guiding their academic journey is a vital responsibility. As these children navigate academia and personal aspirations, tailored counseling becomes paramount. Each child's unique merits and interests come into play, particularly given their diverse backgrounds. Many come from marginalized families, requiring competitive exam triumphs for specialized courses. Amidst resource challenges, we steadfastly encourage eligible children to pursue these paths, ensuring their eventual self-sufficiency.

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Notable Points:

  • Primarily started as a center for childcare and education of healthy children of HIV/AIDS-infected parents; Occupancy grew from 12 in 2003 to 75 in 2020.
  • Home provides nutritional, nursing & medical care, management of opportunistic infections, and pediatric medical therapy to disease-infected children right from their early years. Childhood infections are recurrent and require extended hospital stays. Detection is difficult in infants since tests are not accurate (as the baby mimics mother’s antibodies until the age of 18 months) and the symptoms are slow to reach developmental milestones.
  • Several psychological and social challenges to be surmounted by disease-affected children (of HIV-infected parents) and infected children. A secure and cheerful environment with positive and inclusive experiences is prerequisite to all-round growth.
  • Constant efforts are needed to ensure that society realizes the trauma of these children and that they are not made to feel differentiated.
  • Organization is responsive and committed to the needs and interest of each child.