Dayatheeram - Fostering Lives, Embracing Challenges


Dayatheeram, a haven for children living with HIV, offers sanctuary and support. These children strive for education, overcoming not only the challenges of learning but also the hurdles posed by their health conditions.

Children facing HIV grapple with heightened susceptibility to ailments, experiencing recurrent colds, fevers, and more. This results in prolonged hospitalizations, testing their resilience. Whether born of HIV-infected parents or bearing the infection themselves, these children face both mental and material barriers. At Dayatheeram, we're committed to crafting a safe, joyful environment, fostering holistic growth, camaraderie, and emotional well-being. Our efforts extend beyond our walls – we endeavor to sensitize society to these children's struggles, erasing discrimination through understanding.

community services

Facilities available

  • Education
  • Accommodation, food, health care, nutritional care
  • Cultural activities
  • Psycho-social care, spiritual care
  • Career guidance, personality development classes
  • Library, computer facilities with internet
  • Guidance in spoken English
  • Sports and games facilities
  • Nature and agriculture